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When you want your child to learn in a natural learning environment, Montessori is the right choice. We believe the young child has an absorbent mind. We prepare our learning environment to facilitate independence while helping children grow socially and emotionally. (more…)

pumpkin farm

Last month, children explored the Pumpkin Farm and brought home tiny pumpkin table decorations. We saw just how small pumpkin seeds are and how big pumpkins can grow. Nature is important in a Montessori education. Each month, a field trip stimulates exploratory learning. We will visit the Holiday Tree Farm in November and the Sheboygan Historical Museum in December.

We received this note from one of our parents:
“I am constantly amazed at what my son can do for himself. He can dress himself, make his own lunch, and care for our dog. Thanks to the instruction and encouragement he receives at Montessori Children’s House.
–Cass, Archer’s Mother.” Archer is 2 1/2