Kids Club

Kids Club provides quality after-school and summer programming based on the Montessori philosophy, encouraging the children to develop independent work habits and skills which will assist them in their academic studies and instructing in the values of grace, courtesy, and peace, which are often not taught in traditional academic programs.

The activities of the Kids Club day varies greatly depending on the needs of the children. Although it generally parallels the schedule of the 3-6 class, children this age are able to be truly self- directed and so great care is taken to not disrupt any legitimate work that the Kids Club is doing. The children may work independently or in small groups in any number of areas of study, including language, math, science, cultural studies, and practical life.

 “The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say that the children are now working as if I was not there.” –Maria Montessori

The Kids Club is also encouraged to build leadership skills by helping the younger children with their work and organizing activities in which the younger children can also participate.
Kids Club Schedule